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My Story

My passion is enabling the success of others and to watch them thrive! I believe that we are at an incredible moment to fully utilize our ability to connect with others authentically to increase our positive impact on one another. We will answer the question together: Do you need to improve who you are connecting with or do you need to improve the way in which you are connecting?

Currently, my husband Chris and I are running three businesses together. Since the dawn of the Internet age, and now social media, my quest has been to constantly enhance how to best connect with clients and customers. Allow me to teach you how to know your audience, invest your time and talents, and know your business so that your ad spend and time value deliver the best results.

My Values & Beliefs


As an Orthodox Christian, I seek to serve everyone around me to the best of my capabilities with love, respect, and truth.


Those that make me smile everyday! I am blessed to be in business with my husband Chris, and to have two amazing kiddos-turned-employees: Calli (age 14) and Nico (age 13). We are quite a reality show.

Everything Else

When your priorities are in line, everything fits! There is simply too much to get accomplished, too much fun to be had, and too many blessings to realize to be distracted. Let’s get to work together!

A Different Approach

Learning how to improve your personal branding and social selling should not be a secret, rocket science, or break the bank.

I continually bring what I am doing in my businesses with amazing success to you.

Join me one-on-one or watch as I grow the available video library with free and low-cost trainings to launch you and your capabilities.

Deb’s Featured Businesses

The Gyro Company

We have a Minor League Baseball vending contract with the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, Triple-A team of the Philadelphia Phillies. For 70 home games a year, we serve over 15,000 gyros to our amazing fans. Come join us!

Valley Fruits & Veggies

Each Memorial Day weekend, our farm comes alive with pick-your-own strawberries. With only $100 ad spend on Facebook, we draw thousands of people to visit our farm to enjoy our strawberries, milkshakes, strawberry shortcakes, and more. You can do this too!

Country Corn Maze

For over a decade, we have turned a 22 acre field of corn into a living entertainment experience with our annual corn maze. When choosing a business revenue stream, always look for a creative niche with lasting income potential.

What They Say About Deb

“Deb brought brilliant innovative thinking to the challenge. She quickly dove in and made better sense of the various parts of my teaching, coaching, counseling, speaking, and writing “product” and offered guidance to help me create a better message and strategy.

Jerry Waxler
Author & Coach, Memoir Revolution

“Thank you Deb for sharing your wealth of LinkedIn knowledge! You’ve helped me begin leveraging the platform not only for the growth of Social Seed Media, but also to benefit the organizations and businesses we represent.

Digital Network SuperStar, you ROCK!”

Sarah Raley
Social Media Manager

Deb helped me detangle the knots in my business and together we were able to build that foundation for me to have a fulfilling and profiting business. I would highly recommend Deb, she’s a wonderful soul that truly wants to help. Thanks so much for everything Deb!!”

Flo Zurkinden
Personal Trainer & Coach, The Relentless Life Project

“Deb has helped me think big and step out of the box, with the reassuring guidance of an experienced professional who has been through the process herself. Her combination of structure, enthusiasm and support are the perfect ingredients for anyone wanting to take their business to the next level.”

Cathy Abreu RN, BSN
Professional Independent Patient Advocate,

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