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Only 25% of 18 to 24 year-olds are on LinkedIn, but 90%+ of all recruiters and hiring authorities use the platform to find the best candidate. Are you ready to be found?

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Let’s Make Your Messaging Clear.


Nine (9) How-To Videos

Are you a first time LinkedIn User? Do you have an existing LinkedIn student profile? Step up your game to gain the right attention from the right employer.


Downloadable Goodies

Step-by-step guidance on how LinkedIn works, what you need to have in your profile, and how to stand out above the crowd.

Community Support

Join the Digital Network Superstar social media community for tips, tricks, and encouragement as you seek your professional career beyond the walls of your dorm room.


One-On-One Consulting

Need more help, guidance, or advice? Gain exclusive access to Deb Colitas, creator of LinkedIn Student and a personal branding master, to increase your online presence to gain more opportunities.

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Special Pricing at $74.99!

We Help You Become A
Digital Network Superstar.

This is NOT your parents’ job search…. We are in a era when EVERYONE can be Googled. Take charge of what employers will find out about you! Join LinkedIn to shine as prospective future employers seek to learn about who you are.

Colleges and universities are failing their students by not properly emphasizing the incredible opportunity that having a LinkedIn profile offers post-high school. Connect with hiring decision makers, introduce yourself to a desired mentor, and make connections a world away with individuals who will add value to your professional network.

Normally at $100
Special Pricing at $74.99!


Meet Deb Colitas.

Deb holds a unique passion and skillset, joining together technology and authentic relationships to help individuals embrace their own personal brand to increase sales, influence, and opportunity. As a serial entrepreneur and Networking Ninja, Deb seeks to uphold networking truths that enable us all to support each other and grow in how we can best serve one another and our community. Her mission is for every college student to master their branding by learning LinkedIn, gaining their dream job, and bringing home the bacon.

“LinkedIn always seemed like a totally foreign platform that I had NO idea to engage in. The LinkedIn Student video series made creating a profile crazy easy and I am amazed how my brand new profile looks better than professionals who have been on LinkedIn forever.”


Arizona College, 19 years old

“After finishing the video series, and completely renovating my profile that I thought was okay, I was immediately complimented by a recruiter at a job fair on how nice my profile looked! I got the interview, now I get to choose if I want the internship.”


NYU, 20 years old

“Plain and simple, LinkedIn Student is a MUST for all college students! My only wish is that it had been around when I was a freshman to help me obtain summer internships. I’m fully ready now with my ‘personal brand’ to go after my first professional job.”


Penn State University, 22 years old

“In preparation for my senior year, I felt lost and unsupported by my college’s career center. Very nice people, but no clear path on how to reach out to companies I wanted to work for. Deb’s videos are AMAZING step-by-step directions on how to highlight all that you have done in college and how to best communicate to a potential employer. Huge confidence boost!”


Lehigh University, 20 years old


There Are Two (2) Paths On LinkedIn. The Dark Side Or The Force. We Help You Choose.

Time to take control of what is next as you launch a professional career! Learn LinkedIn now to stand out above your job market competition. Let’s do this!

Normally at $100
Special Pricing at $74.99!

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